Good Spirits and Light Hearts at Holiday Balloon Fest

There are few things (other than chocolate, lollipops, puppies and kittens and baby goats) that exude a light heart and happy spirits than balloons. Our website, which is named Holiday Balloon Fest because we dig the name (and balloons), is going to be a fun compilation of articles that we hope you will enjoy (and use).

Now, in the spirit of balloons, there is a song from my past that you may or may not remember. Of course I speak of 99 Luftballons (99 Red Balloons) by the German group, Nena. It was a pretty popular song back in 1983. I didn’t get it then, and frankly, because I suck at history and the goings on across the globe, I still don’t. Evidently, if you look it up on Wikipedia, it was an anti-war song. It was part of a sound – German New Wave or sort-of-punk – and I liked it. I still do.

With the hope that you might also enjoy it – and a blast from the past if you remember late 70s, early 80s music – I’m posting the original German YouTube video. It’s been done in English, but I like the German version even though I don’t understand a word of it.

IF you just have to hear in English, Nena did it – and I’ve included that as well.

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